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Blues to make you get up and dance with a unique Steampunk twist
The Paul Snook Band formed in 2014 because of a love of the Blues, and our mission is to make you love the Blues too!

Paul Snook - Lead Guitar and Vocals

paul_snook"I started playing the guitar at 15, after my father got me a 12 string as a first instrument, needless to say, my hands soon became strong and by my mid 20's I was snapping the bridges off guitars in mid solo. My heavy handed, messy style leading me to the blues, where it fitted right in.

I've always liked a very basic sound, without lots of effects, and like things to sound natural. I love rhythmical, primal sounding emotional blues.

I have played a lot, all of the nineties were taken up playing in France, which is where I started singing, after the singer in the band I was in didn't turn up for that nights gig... I have never looked back, believing 'if you want something it yourself'

I have played many styles of music, solo, in duo's and with bands, but have always had my roots in the blues. I like all sorts of blues, but the way I play, mainly due to my influences ,Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billie Gibbons (ZZTop) and Albert Lee, tend to direct me down my path.

A mix of Funky, Dirty, and Country sounds (due to mixing major and minor scales and lots of double stopping) help me to pick out my messy and punchy blues."

jacqui_savageJacqui Savage - Bass Guitar

A solid, funky bass player who dances whilst she plays, and has provided the groove for many bands including Little Rumba, Joe Le Taxi and the Zydeco Band, Rubee and the Rockets, Wayne Martin Band, Will Killeen Band, Dirty Ray, Rustic Mortals...

William Withers - Drums

william_withers"I first wanted to play the drums when I saw a band at a local pub when I was 14 or 15. I loved the colourful drum shells, shiny cymbals and amazing sound. I remember them playing 'Don't believe a word' by Thin LIzzy, although at the time I didn't know what it was.

It took 25 years, but now, I too have played 'Don't believe a word' with a nice drumkit and shiny cymbals!

My first music love was Rock, with favourite bands such as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Saxon and Judas Priest to name but a few. I was introduced to the Blues by a friend, with the Album 'Right as Rain' by Tommy Castro about 10 years ago. From there I just grew to like the blues more and more.

Three years ago, after a long spell away from drumming I suddenly felt a 'need' to play again. I was lucky enough to meet Paul Snook, and have got to play many different genres of music since then. When Paul, Jacqui and myself first got together and played as a three piece I could feel something exciting happening.

I am looking forward to the next chapter in the Paul Snook Band's future."