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Blues to make you get up and dance with a unique Steampunk twist
Paul Snook
on Lead guitar and vocals
Jacqui Savage
on Bass guitar
William Withers
on drums

Booking the Paul Snook Band

Performance Prices:

The price we charge includes all our travel expenses, set up and take down time and two one hour performances for your festival or pub gig. We are happy to negotiate, but please remember we need to feed our families!


Stage area:

The band like to play on a good firm surface, preferably carpet, wood, tiles or concrete. Ideally the area needed is a minium of 3 meters wide by 2 meters deep. More space is welcomed.


The band has its own PA and speakers together with mixing desk, however if you have an in-house PA and Desk then we are happy to use these by prior arrangement. If we don't have to supply the PA and Sound Engineer then the performance fees are reduced.

Set up and take down time:

It takes about an hour to unload and set up our equipment, with another 30 minutes for sound checking. We like to be able to arrive at the venue at least 2-3 hours before playing. Take down time is an hour.

Playing Time:

The band usually plays two sets, lasting about an hour each. A break for around 15-20 minutes in between is recommended. We can play for longer if required by prior arrangement.

Playing Outdoors:

We Love to play outdoors, however the stage area needs to be solid and safe. We do not play on grass.